Sound and Vision


Just back from seeing Serenity. It doesn’t disappoint. We got into Firefly whilst on our ski trip to Megève last season and were really hooked. The film continues the story from the series, answers some of the questions left hanging at the end of the series and allows all the characters to grow a little. Recommended; it’s so much a better Sci-Fi film than then recent Star Wars stuff…

It's Friday, so...

This G’n’R/Beatles mashup works surprisingly well, and brought a smile to my face earlier in the week - via Code Circle. And whilst we’re on the subject of music, Filip has started uploading some of his techno mixes…

More than 20 years on and still as much to say

I’m currently re-reading The Mythical Man Month 20th Aniversay Edition and I’ve just finished watching Apocolypse Now Redux. Both seem to have as much to say now about their respective subjects as they did in the day. Brooks’ treatment of the “Joys” and “Woes” of The Craft as poignant as Coppola’s tale of the lies and horror of war.

Matrix Reloaded Revisited

We haven’t had time to go see Matrix Revolutions yet. Too much to do, too little time. We watched Reloaded on DVD last night and both enjoyed it much more than when we saw it originally at the cinema… I think we agreed that the reason we enjoyed it more (and that the fight scenes didn’t seem as excessively drawn out and that it didn’t seem quite so slow) was that we weren’t both sitting there waiting desperately for important plot stuff to occur.


When we were in Amsterdam doing the stag thing I saw a Jethro Tull video on the local music station. I wasn’t actually aware that such a thing existed; but it sure brought back memories. It was a live version of “Living In The Past”. Good stuff. On Saturday we were wandering through Virgin and there in the bargin bin was a copy of “Through The Years”, a kinda “best of” thing.


Miche did the spontaneous thing this week. After hearing “Bring me to Life” on the radio once she bought the Evanescence CD. Cool stuff. Very nice sound. Kind of All about Eve meets Skin from Skunk Anansie on vocals with a nice rocky Linkin Park kinda guitar thing going on.

Matrix Reloaded & Animatrix

Finally got around to seeing Matrix Reloaded on Sunday night. Then picked up the Animatrix yesterday. Before I read any reviews or blogs on the subject I thought I’d spout off on my own… (Contains spoilers and future plot speculation…) Initial reaction at the end of Matrix Reloaded was one of disapointment. The effects were good, but I’d found the pace somewhat sluggish in places, the main story was a little thin and I didn’t like the downbeat ending.


Just watched “28 Days Later” on dvd. Very cool. Very British - very non-Hollywood. Scary film. The best bit? Seeing the London streets so empty. If you live or work anywhere near London you’d know how impossible those empty street scenes were :)