Old and cranky me from 20 years ago

Back in 2004 I wrote this, I wonder why I used to make some people unhappy…

I’m starting to believe that, at 37, I must now be old and cranky because to be quite honest with you; if you’re not writing code in such a way that you define concepts and abstractions in such a way that the actual main line business logic code that you write is clear and easy to understand then you’re just not doing it right. You’re not adding value. You’re making things worse. You are part of the problem. You’re building shit on top of shit and nobody will thank you for it. You should give up and go become a landscape gardener or something… Told you I was old and cranky… ;)

I’m 57 now and, to be honest, still feel the same about the above. I might present it with a little more sugar coating though… Might.