Get a life

Table for one

Sorry about the lack of technical postings for a while, this last month or so has been rather hard for me. On 13th February I became suspicious that something wasn’t quite right with Michelle, my partner for the last 17 or so years. My suspicions increased and I ended up setting up my laptop in the equipment cupboard as a packet sniffer running Ethereal (now WireShark). I then connected to the laptop via a Remote Desktop Connection and controlled the sniffer from my main PC.

Back from Megève

I’ve been skiing for the last couple of weeks and now I’m back in London; normal service will resume soon.

Online autism 'test'

I scored a 28, which is “above average”, so considerably nearer to Asperger’s than it is considered to be “normal”. Which, to be honest, seems about right to me. If nothing else, it might make you think… Via Steve Pavlina’s personal development blog.

Old friends

I guess it’s a combination of wine, Pink Floyd and the fact that this week the world wants to remind me that I’m older than I feel. Thoughts drift back to the past. Times past and friends forgotten. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I used to play an online game called MUD II. This was back when you had to use your modem to dial another modem to get a connection to the world and there was no such thing as “the internet” unless you could connect to a university computer somewhere (like Essex Uni, perhaps).


Sometimes I think programmers find the wrong things “cool”… This cartoon kinda sums it up ;)

Happy Birthday to me...

Skill skiing, well, not right at this moment, we’re currently on a ‘ski holiday’ in Ireland… Back to Megève on the 27th.

Normal service will resume, sometime

I’m currently based in Megève and my blogging (over here) has tended to be more about the skiing that I’ve been doing than the technical stuff. I expect I’ll write a technical post or two later in the week… Perhaps… Unless it snows again ;)

My Sister is home

Today we had a second Christmas celebration. Michelle and I and my sister and her boyfriend went to my parent’s house for a meal. Michelle and I had spent Christmas with Michelle’s family and my sister was away over Christmas so we’d planned to have our family Christmas today. This was all fine until Boxing Day when we saw the news about Asia. My sister and her boyfriend were spending Christmas in Sri Lanka…

Because we can

Our trip is now only 2 months away so I thought it was about time that the trip’s blog went live… MegèveSki MegèveSki, because we can…

An excuse to buy new tools

Preparation for the ski season continues. Yesterday my latest purchase from amazon arrived; Waxing and Care for Ski and Snowboards. As we’ll be putting down a few more tracks than normal this season I thought it wise to try and avoid having to pay for servicing the skis too often and finally learn how to do it myself. Luckily I have plenty of old skis laying around to practice on… Looks like I need to buy lots of new tools; cool!