Welcome to the new Rambling Comments

I’ve just finished upgrading the blog from Movable Type 2.64 to Movable Type 5.0.x. The main reason behind actually getting around to doing this (the ‘update blog’s MT version’ “todo item” has been on my list for several years!) is so that I can integrate Rambling Comments with my other technical blogs. At present it’s just The Server Framework blog, but I have two more micro blog sites due in 2011 for products that I’m working on and I wanted to be able to include the entries from these new blogs into the main Rambling Comments feed. Now I can.

The RSS feed for this blog now includes the entries from The Server Framework as well as the entries from here. Also the main index page at http://www.lenholgate.com also includes The Server Framework entries. All of these entries would normally have been part of Rambling Comments anyway.

Whilst doing the upgrade I’ve had a bit of a clean up. I hope you like the new look, I feel it’s cleaner and easier to read and navigate. I hadn’t realised quite how annoying the google ads had got until I started to upgrade the site and kept having to compare old entries to new entries. Back when I originally added the adverts they were mostly text only, now they’re generally too distracting, so they’re gone.

I’m sure I’ve broken some formatting and linking, so please let me know if things don’t work as expected, or, as ever, if you just have something to say.