Highlights of the 6.1 client/server framework release

The release notes for the 6.1 release, whilst complete, don’t really highlight the key points of this release. These are as follows:

  • Support for SSPI Negotiate (NTLM and Kerberos) servers and clients - You can now license code which allows you to implement high performance IO Completion based asynchronous servers and clients that support “Windows Authentication” for authentication and security of data transfer. Example clients and servers are available here

  • The example servers which demonstrate how to use per server and per connection timers (as detailed here) are now available here.

  • The JetByte Service Tools library has been completely rewritten to be more robust and to provide support for the latest, Windows Vista and Windows 7 service features.

  • You can now select a buffer allocator that can allocate page aligned buffers to reduce the number of locked pages used during I/O. The Echo Server Options example server (available here) now supports allocating buffers using VirtualAlloc and supports page aligned buffers for reduced memory page locking.

Full documentation is available here.

Licensing and pricing details are available here.

Full details of all 55 of the example clients and servers are available here.