L'Hexapod: The servos are twitching

Previously published

This article was previously published on lhexapod.com as part of my journey of discovery into robotics and embedded assembly programming. A full index of these articles can be found here.

My package from Cool Components arrived this morning. My choice of prototyping equipment was quickly validated when I plugged together the Arduino and the Pololu servo controller board, plugged in the servos and servo power supply, connected the lot to the pc via a usb cable and had three servos twitching back and forth under the control of the Arduino is no time. The idea is that I can now begin fabricating a leg, connect up the servos and then experiment with leg movement without needing to get the soldering iron out. The prototype hardware also gives me a reference platform to compare to my own servo controller hardware once I get going on that side of the project.

Also in the package were my XBee modems and several AVR microprocessors to play with; more on those items later…