VS 2008

I’m currently rebuilding my world with Visual Studio 2008. So far things are going ok, but as I mentioned back when I was playing with Beta 2, the new C4627 warning about header files being skipped when processing precompiled headers is a bit broken…

It seems that the code that works out if a header file is skipped (ie not included in the precompiled header but above the #pragma hdrstop line works on exact path matches rather than a file include graph. So, if header A includes header B and the precompiled header builds by including A but the source file builds by including B then you’ll get an error even though everything is OK.. Which is a pity.

What’s more of a pity is that it’s hard to turn off this warning, a pragma in a header file doesn’t seem to do the trick (even when the header is included in both precomp and non precomp areas). This means that I have to shuffle some headers around for no good reason if I want to keep my “warning level 4/warnings as errors” policy.