Stage complete - time bonus

Today was my last day with one of my current clients. In the end the hand over went well, but then I did start the process off a long time ago….

Back in September I lamented how hand overs can sometimes become hand offs when the people that you’re trying to hand over to don’t put in the work required to take on the work you’re giving them. The blog posting worked ;) and the managers at the client site (who read my blog) set about dealing with the issue. We’ve all worked hard to make sure that people within the organisation worked with me to gain an understanding of the system that I’d put together for them so that I can walk away and they can maximise the value of the stuff that I’ve done for them. It seemed like hard work at the time but now, looking back, it’s nice to think that the system that we built is now understood by several people in the organisation, rather than just by me…

It was especially nice to be able to listen in on demos of the system given by the guys who’ve taken over and to realise that they do understand not only how things work but why they’ve been done that way. All in all it feels like a success to me, at least at this point. Hopefully they’ll be able to move the system into production use without many problems.

Of course, now that I’m gone I’m officially the reason for all problems that occur between now and when the next person departs the team. C’est la vie!