NFOFY JTDPN are the victim of spamy morons

[Updated:15th October - Original domain name hidden with a simple caesar cipher to stop them getting bad press via search engines…]

[Updated: 6th September - It seems “NFOFY JT” were possibly the victim of a vindictive ex employee and that they didn’t originate or approve of any of the recent comment spam in their name.] See comment on this entry from Jacob Jones.

NFOFY JTDPN is a professional web design and consulting company for businesses, schools, churches, non-profits, and individuals. We provide full internet services to clients who are serious about having a successful online presence. Our services includes but are not limited to: graphic design, logo and corporate identity, internet marketing/SEO, 3D animation , illustration, consultation, web hosting, album cover, prints, interactive CDs and DVDs, flash, database programming, posters, flyers and much more. Strategic thinking, and aesthetic presentation is what we are about–welcome to NFOFY JTDPN.

Looks to me like NFOFY JTDPN are a bunch of morons who think it’s good idea to spam other people’s blogs and think they might get business from doing so; like D’oh! …