Blog's a year old

Been a busy week, I meant to post this on The Day. I’ve been writing this stuff for just over a year now. I didn’t really know what to expect when I started, I just wanted a place to ramble on about this and that. During the year I’ve learned a few things about blogging….

  1. I actually do do this for me more than for anyone else. I’ve found that I understand things more when I’ve written about them. I find that it’s useful to come back and read my own postings so that I remember why I do things like I do… If I can learn stuff from the rubbish I write then perhaps someone else can find it interesting ;)

  2. Hardly anybody except spammers or fake bloggers in search of stardom actually leaves comments ;) and spammers can be mostly dealt with using MT-Blacklist

  3. Trying to get noticed doesn’t get you noticed.

  4. You don’t need to get noticed for it to be worth doing (so say all who don’t get noticed)…

  5. There isn’t much point in disagreeing with people’s blog posts, they just get arsey, delete your comments and trackbacks from their blog and go all “don’t you know who I am” on you… ;) Life’s too short.

  6. People don’t disagree with me enough. I don’t get to talk to enough people who challenge my thinking. Posting stuff here could be really good for me if more people argued the toss. I enjoyed my discussion with James Antill, I’d like more like that. I’m wrong quite a lot of the time, I prefer to fail fast and have someone point it out to me rather than take an age to work it out for myself.

  7. The posts that get read the most will be the ones that you least expect… Who’d have thought that one morning in bed with a laptop would lead to this.

  8. I haven’t posted as much old stuff as I expected… There never seems to be enough time to post the new stuff, let alone find, edit and format the old stuff…

  9. You’ll never know how many readers you have or why they read you… But it doesn’t matter, and you stop scanning the web logs as often, eventually, honest.


  1. There wasn’t a point to the last year’s posts, so there sure as hell wont be one to this year’s…