Bluetooth server demo

I’m making the compiled version of our Bluetooth server shell available for download here. The source is not available at this time.

The zip contains a simple server that advertises the following Bluetooth profiles: OBEX file transfer, Serial Port, Dial up Networking, LAN Access Server and OBEX object push.

The server requires working Bluetooth hardware that uses the XP SP1 stack. If you don’t know what this means then chances are, you don’t have it. Take a look at the comments here and here as they contain all the information that I know regarding getting devices to work with the XP stack… If you get a message box telling you the server won’t work then that’s it, it won’t work, move along now.

The implementation behind these services is minimal; we use it for debugging. The OBEX services have a rudimentary OBEX parser behind them. Object push will accept objects correctly and do nothing with the resulting bytes except stream them into the debug log. The file transfer service will present a hard coded folder listing, allow limited navigation amongst folders (all folders contain the same folder listing…) and provide the contents to one of the example files in the folder listing. The OBEX commands and responses are dumped to the debug log.

The non OBEX services do nothing except allow you to browse for them and connect to them. They dump all data received to the debug log. Note that these services also have an OBEX parser behind them (more out of laziness than design) so should they receive valid OBEX commands they might respond…

The server’s more a curiosity than anything else but I’m posting it here as several people have asked me about it recently.