Everyone there works on Word, I'm a bespoke tailor

Joe Bork explains why he now tells people he works on Word as a way of connecting with something people understand. I found that people seemed to understand what I did if I compared Word to a Moss Bros suit and then explained that I was a Savile Row tailor.

In fact, I didn’t even come up with the analogy, one of the previously non-comprehending non-techies did. It was a family (Miche’s, not mine) Sunday lunch at The Social and I was trying to explain how, since I’m a programmer, I don’t necessarily just know how to fix all manner of miscellaneous computer setup problems and how that was more a support role… Blank looks all around. Well, programmers make things like Word and Outlook; understanding. I write things that aren’t like Word and Outlook for people who can’t just buy Word and Outlook off the shelf because they need something that’s a bit different; going blank again. Then someone says, so if Word were a Moss Bros suit then you’d be a bespoke tailor…

Suits me sir.