Analysing my analysis

In my usual “don’t read the manual” style I crufted together a simple OBEX decoder, fudged a response to the connect message and watched my iPAQ send the first chunk of the file I’m using as my test. Now I’ll throw away this crummy piece of code and write a proper OBEX protocol handler.

I’m a cynical chap. I like to prove to myself that things work before I invest too much time in them. Normally I’d find a piece of example code on the web or run a sample from MSDN. This is usually enough to prove that the technology either works as advertised or is too flaky to bother with. Then, assuming it’s a go, I start to learn about the API in question and embed that hard won knowledge in a C++ wrapper.

I didn’t have any example code to hand this time and I quite expected to dive in and write the wrapper to learn the APIs but instead I knocked up some crummy code as a proof of concept. I wasn’t expecting to do that…

The OBEX spec looks quite nice and it should be a fairly straight forward implementation.