One step closer to sanity

Now that the refactoring project has tests it’s worth having a daily build so that it’s easy to spot if someone checks something in that breaks a test.

I spent 30 mins or so first thing this morning writing a script that pulls all the source from CVS and builds the test harnesses in debug and release mode and runs them. This now runs daily on my machine.

Most of the day was spent moving as many classes as possible into the library. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. We now have 10 testable classes. Only two actually have any tests, but 10 are suitably decoupled that they can be tested. In a way having testable code is more important than actually having the tests. At least it’s now a relatively easy piece of work to put a test together for one of these classes. As we continue to refactor the tests for these pieces of code will grow.