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Updated: 23-May-2003

Questioning Extreme Programming by Pete McBreen

A useful analysis of the claims that the XP community makes and comparisons between the XP way and other Agile Methodologies. I’m currently about half way through and so far it seems like good stuff. It helps you understand what you can expect to gain from XP and if XP is the right thing for you. Often it wont be, but you may be able to learn something from it or use some aspect in your project anyway.

Selling the invisible by Harry Beckwith

Because I’d like more clients please ;) An ‘Effective C++’ approach to marketing a service company. The book contains lots of short items that help you realise what you might be doing wrong when you try and market a service.

C++ Gotchas by Stephen C. Dewhurst

In a similar vein to Effective C++ and Exceptional C++. Yet more ways to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.

Slack by Tom DeMarco

Just about to start this one, I ordered it along with Waltzing with Bears after seeing the review of the later on Joel’s site, and they shipped a partial order…

Excellent book. See full review here.