Colorado 2003

In March we skied in Colorado. Beaver Creek, Vail, Breckenridge and Keystone. Excellent conditions. We were in Vail on the day after the big dump in March and had 18" fresh powder on top of the grooming. I took the video camera out when were we in Breckenridge. This is the result.

I filmed the guys whilst skiing around them. I didn’t use the head cam this time, just held the camera and pointed. Given that I didn’t use the view finder or the screen the results are pretty reasonable.

Captured and edited in Premier 6.0. Captions and wmv creation in Windows Movie Maker 2.0 (just for the ease of doing a progressive download file).

A normal link in case the active movie thing above doesn’t work.

No doubt the file requires that you have all the latest Microsoft stuff for it to work, but what the hell, all the people that are likely to be interested should be able to view it.