Currently reading - Rust Brain Teasers

I’m currently reading Rust Brain Teasers by Herbert Wolverson. It’s a nice book of bite-sized puzzles in Rust that are ideal for the way I like to learn (randomly jumping around from subject to subject that happen to interest me).

Each puzzle presents some code, asks you what you think it does and then shows you the hidden complexity. At the end of each section are some links to further reading.

From simple things, like Puzzle 4 - Byte Sized Chunks -(which directly fed into my current learning as it showed me how overflow checks that I was testing for when removing values from the id manager would vanish in release builds) to more complex stuff like Puzzle 16 - Double or Nothing which may help me with my issues with Generics, I’m looking at you From<i32> and Puzzle 19 - Sleepless in Tokio which introduces Tokio an async Rust runtime and led me off on an adventure in asynchronous networking in C++ that I’ve started to document on my main blog. The good thing about each puzzle is that they’re small and pretty self contained. There’s code to play with, references to follow up if you want more and they’re all interesting, certainly to beginners like me.

A nice little book.