Building OpenSSL 3.x for x86 and x64 on Windows for side by side deployment

Back in August 2012 I shared my scripts for building OpenSSL on Windows. These have changed a little since the ones I had for the 1.0.x and 0.9.x releases of OpenSSL. The main idea is the same, the scripts build the OpenSSL code as both static libs and DLLs for both x86 and x64 and allow you to have all of the files next to each other in the same directory by adding various ‘warts’ to the file names. The latest scripts also allow you to build with various versions of Visual Studio and for the version of the compiler to also be included in the resulting file name. So we end up with files like this libcrypto-x64-2017.lib etc.

The different compiler versions aren’t always required but sometimes it’s useful. As before, the scripts preprocess the standard OpenSSL release makefiles in-place, build the code, copy the resulting libraries into a deployment directory structure and zip the whole lot up.

The scripts require the following tools to be installed to build things:

The packaging script uses 7Zip.

The scripts will likely need editing to set the paths to match where you instal things in your system.

As is usually the way with my blog postings, this post is mainly for me so that when I next forget how to do this, or can’t find the scripts, I can search the internet with Google and get a hit for how to do it…

Note that DoBuild.bat and package.bat have the version number of the OpenSSL version set at the top and this needs changing with each release.

Scripts can be downloaded from here.