Movable Type upgrade annoyance

I’ve just upgraded Movable Type from 5.03 to 5.11. The upgrade itself went smoothly except for one thing. A recent fix to MT to remove an obscure HTML standard violation that Firefox was causing problems with means that permalinks with runs of dashes in them have been changed. You can see the full details here on the MT forums where I posted the bug report.

This is more of an issue for me as I did the upgrade and then launched which uses the same MT installation as, and The new site now has the new format URLs which would be broken if the guys at MT revert back to the old format and the older sites have the old format URLs which are broken (if I republish) if they don’t revert.

I’m glad I’m up to speed on .htaccess url rewrites as I can’t see that I can get around needing to work some magic no matter what the guys at MT do to fix the problem.

Permalink. There’s a hint in the word…