x64, IOCP, Socket Server framework

The x64 version of our I/O completion port based, networking client and server framework, The Server Framework, is now shipping. This is the licensed version of the free server framework that’s available here. An overview of the licensed version can be found here. The changes from that version to the latest version can be found here.

The documentation for this version is available online, here. Please be patient, the docs are a work in progress and I know they could be better.

This release sees a first cut at full documentation for all of the example servers; see here.

Apart from the x64 work this release also includes the changes to our PerfMon library (and therefore supports performance counter installation on Vista, side by side x86 and x64 counter dlls, multiple instances and multiple languages - more details here, docs here.).

There are also some changes to our Service library; you can now install multiple ‘instances’ of a service (essentially your exe can be configured to run as multiple different services) and you can still run these instances without the SCM in the IDE for debugging by simply specifying a command line switch.

If you want to integrate with .Net then there are CLR hosting samples that allow you to write your business logic in a .Net language and write your networking layer in C++.