New kind of spam?

Recently I’ve been getting lots of emails from people who seem to think that my company, JetByte Limited, is currently recruiting. We’re not now and are unlikely to be in the near future, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t send speculative emails. In the past I’ve always responded to each of the applicants, explained that we’re not recruiting, and sometimes even made suggestions on how they might improve their approach and/or resume/cv. Recently I’ve had to stop doing this as I’ve been getting more and more unsolicited resumes for more and more wacky and way out positions that do not and will never exist within my company.

The recent clutch of emails all appears to use an almost identical template, for example, they all discus “probable openings” at my company… Then come a set of skills that are completely unrelated to anything we do and that have no relation to anything I’ve written about or focus on either my company site or here. This is then followed by an overly flowery description of how wonderful they are and how suited to my company they are…

I’m sorry guys (and gals) if smells like spam to me and it’s now being treated appropriately.