Currently reading

I currently have 3 quite different technology books on the go, and one waiting in the wings.

I’m re-reading Software Craftsmanship, McBreen’s ideas really appeal to me, but then I guess that may be because I went through an official apprentiship in a former life so I can see how the craft model might work well for software.

Next is Applied C++ which is an interesting ‘warts and all’ journey through the design of a graphics manipulation library in C++. I particularly like the fact that the authors don’t necessarilly give you any hints when they’re exploring a technique that they will later discard; it’s nice to sit there thinking “you don’t want to do it like that” and then have them agree with you later on…

The third book is Programming the Windows Driver Model. Which is an interesting change from all things .Net. I’ve also got Developing Windows NT Device Drivers to read but haven’t started that one yet.