Monday Mornings

Updated 1st February 2024 to fix broken links

Tell me about it.

This morning I was shaving and thinking how I was actually early enough to be able to walk to Bank Tube station rather than jumping on the tube at Old Street. It looked like a nice morning and I had lots of plans for the code I was going to write today. It’s a busy week, and I had spent an hour or so late on Sunday making sure I was in a position to hit the ground running.

Then I got a call from our building’s security guard. There was a leak into the commercial units on the ground floor and it seemed to be coming from the apartments below/around mine. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m involved in the management of the building and, well, today was a bit too much hands on for my liking.

In summary, it took us all day to locate and stop the leak. It was from another flat, one below mine, but that wasn’t at all obvious until quite late in the day. I’d been running on adrenaline most of the day, expecting that each time I returned to my flat the place would be dripping wet… Suffice to say, I didn’t get any work done and now I’m unwinding by writing all the blog entries that I’ve had building up for the last couple of weeks. Day’s hosed, literally, so why worry at this stage…