Back from Megève

Just got back from a week’s spring skiing in Megève. This is probably our last trip of the 03/04 season :(

We had a great time; skied on amazingly empty slopes; ate at a selection of wonderful restaurants and had some great guiding and ski lessons with Lucy Withall of the ESF (a great ambassador for the region, and all-round super woman ;) ).

Just holiday snaps….

Mont Blanc from Rochebrune

Megève is conveniently located about an hour’s drive from Geneva and within striking distance of Chamonix, Les Contamines, Morzine, etc… We had expected to have to hire a car and head off to the surrounding resorts due to lack of skiing at Megève but there was plenty of fun to be had on the local slopes and we never found a need to leave them.

Towards Chamonix

At this time of year it pays to ski with someone who knows the area well. We couldn’t completely avoid the frozen corduroy of early morning or the slush of late afternoon but we did pretty well thanks to Lucy. She’s lived in the area since she was 2 and so knows a thing or two about how the sun affects the slopes and which area to head for at any given time of day depending on the sun, etc…


The slopes were very quiet for the week before Easter. Probably because the place is a nightmare, its horrible; don’t go there; you really don’t want to go to Megève, ever, honest ;) Leave it nice and quiet for us…

Cote 2000

The snow was best up at Cote 2000. Lots of fun was had on the rolling reds and blacks and had snow conditions been a little better we’d have headed off piste into the wonderfully inviting open bowls…

Aiguilles Croches from Cote 2000