New Year

A combination of events in the run up to my Christmas break meant that I have ended up spending almost 2 weeks without feeling the urge to write any code. I’ve just chilled out and relaxed, watched some DVDs, saw LOTR ROTK, played some SSX3 and ate and drank too much.

At the weekend I started to get my head back into coding thoughts by restructuring a couple of libraries that make up The Server Framework. There is a need to use async file reading and writing using IOCP and this code will be similar enough to the existing network handling code to make it worth the two sharing some code. To share the code some of it needs moving from the “socket tools” library into a new library… The work went well and the couple of hours spent on Saturday and Sunday felt like a little light workout at the mental gym. I feel more able to get on with my client work today because I blasted the cobwebs out of my head at the weekend.

Now, if only it was as easy to do that to my body….