Ski Weekend, Courmayer, Gressoney, Chamonix

We flew to Geneva last Thursday evening and skiied in Italy and France over the weekend.

Just holiday snaps.


We were travelling with Ski Weekend. They usually run you around the Chamonix resorts, but at this time of year there’s often not much open in Chamonix itself so they take you further afield.

Day 1 was a quick trip through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Courmayer. Which had good snow, nice pistes and few people.


Day 2 was a trip slightly further into Italy to Gressoney. Which had loads more snow than Courmayer (it’s higher, and gets its snow from storms that come from a different direction to most of the alps). There was some good off piste, fewer people, and an interesting lunch.


Day 3 was spent in bed with food poisoning (not the Gressoney lunch…) :( I needed the sleep…

Day 4 was our last day and we skied in Chamonix on The Grands Montets. The conditions were the worst of the weekend, but we were a little weak so took it easy.


All in all a great 4 days.