So, who's the smart arse who thinks it's OK to move keys on a keyboard?

My space bar got sticky. I bought a Microsoft Wireless Multimedia keyboard on impulse. Why Oh Why was the ’end’ key moved?

The keyboard itself has a nicer feel than the one I replaced. It’s thicker, you pretty much have to use the built in palm rest with it and have it up on the little legs at the back. I’m got used to that surprisingly quickly (and realised that I dont actually use the palm rest most of the time). It’s got all manner of configurable special keys on it, but who decided it was a good idea to rearrange the page up/page down/home/end/delete area? Every day I discover how much I use End and Home by first deleting a huge section of a source file :(

And another thing, if you’re ‘adding functionality to the F keys’ by allowing them to be toggled to programmable application functions instead why not either default to the usual F keys on start up or allow the user to specify which they want to default to. The first F5 of the day always does the wrong thing and I then have to manually toggle the F keys back to ’legacy’ mode…

Oh, and it doesn’t work with my belkin keyboard/mouse/video switch (not a biggie as I use terminal services for most of the boxes on the switch anyway, but I need it for the old win3.1 machine … (dont ask…)).