Skating and Skiing

Lesson three was on Monday. We did ‘going faster’, uneven surfaces, moving curb dismounts ;) and parallel turns. I got on well with both. It’s just a balance thing, which is good.

The movements feel like they’re useful practice for skiing. Especially the parallel turn edging, you can really roll your ankles quite a long way on inline skates. Next week is cross over turns and skating backwards. This will be interesting because these are things I never managed to do on roller skates or ice.

I had an ‘interesting’ wrong edge situation whilst practicing in the ‘go faster’ part of the lesson. I avoided an obstruction and suddenly found myself on one skate on the outside edge. I spent some while I was Colorado practicing turning on the wrong ski edges to get used to recovering from weirdness and luckily this seemed to help. I held it and just rolled onto the correct edge. Nice to know that I should be able to continue with my balance practice in the summer now ;)

We’ve booked our first ski trip for the 03/04 season :) Better still there’s only 4 months to go. We’re off for a week with the Warren Smith Ski Academy to Saas Fee in September. This is a week’s group course and, if the DVD is anything to go by, it’s an all mountain free skiing kinda thing. Should be a lot of fun.

Always good to get the first trip booked up.